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One to One and Group

Viv Fogel qualified as a supervisor in 1991 – having trained with both with Francesca Inskipp and Brigid Proctor at the Psychosynthesis Trust and with Maria Gilbert at Metanoia.

Viv has supervised for various public sector agencies, educational and training organisations, and was a training supervisor at the Psychosynthesis Trust for over 20 years.

As well as Psychosynthesis and Integrative Psychotherapy supervision Viv specialises in offering supervision for complementary health practitioners and those working ‘alternatively’ within the NHS. She mentors and supervises EFT and Energy Psychotherapists individually, by Skype or in groups.

“Supervising is a joy. It’s a privilege to witness the growth and development of those I mentor, to nurture and grow their creativity, and see them become more confident and true to themselves in their work. At times it’s challenging, taking their thinking out of their comfort zone - but then so rewarding to celebrate their successes! …” Viv Fogel

She can be contacted via email: and is happy to offer bespoke groups of 4 - 6 in North London.

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” Steve Jobs

EFT/EP Mentoring and Supervision

Mentoring, Supervision and Practice Days 2019:
September 22nd and November 24th 10 - 5.00. Fee £95
These days are for psychotherapists and counsellors only: those who have completed EFT training to Level 2 with myself or another trainer. They are also for energy psychotherapists who incorporate other modalities into their practice or have completed the Converging Streams course.

'I facilitate supervision and practice days and this is a time for sharing and connecting with other therapists who are integrating EFT and Energy Psychology (EP) techniques into their clinical practice. These days take place on Fridays or Saturdays in North London and are held 3 or 4 times a year - or more if a group specifically request more regular meetings. The group are kept small - usually no more than 10 - often with an EFTi Master co-assistant - so that we can observe those who are going for EFTi accreditation or Mastery.

Supervision - as with any therapy - is an EFTi and professional requirement - and is equivalent to 6 hours CPD. Those who have attended these days have found them immensely valuable and fun, inspirational and informative. For me what is heartening is seeing the way that people I have taught continue to develop their work into other areas, and grow from strength to strength - and I encourage regulars to incorporate more of what their skills and talents are - whether sound healing, mindfulness, movement, shamanic practices or constellation work.

The day provides a space to reflect on the work you are doing, your successes and your frustrations, to practise and demonstrate, and to bring case studies and get feedback. It’s a time to discuss and share new ideas, research and developments, and celebrate your successes.

This is also a chance to receive as well as practice - and attendees found that the longer practicums (opportunity to work on one’s own issues) - incorporating other energy psychology approaches - were immensely powerful and supportive.

These days - as with the whole of my practice - is held within a transpersonal or psychosynthesis perspective.'

Themes cover whatever you bring - and can include:
- working with deep reversals or trauma - when EFT/EP doesn’t seem to work
- polarities - the life-force and the anti-life force
- tapping on sub-personalities and imagoes, dialoguing, and Re-visioning the scene, Rewriting the script; (Similar to Matrix Re-imprinting.)
- how to creatively integrate with your other energy psychology modalities
- psycho-energetic boundaries, contracts and ethics
- working with guidance and trusting intuition

Some testimonials

"I have to say that the work I did … at the last Mentoring and Supervision Day made a huge difference …in my own personal work and also the client I brought to discuss has made progress! Thank you and EFT! "JB
"As always good to be with Viv and you all. Inspiring and useful, professionally and personally." HW
"I just wanted to express my thanks for the excellent EFT mentoring day ... It was really enjoyable and I learnt a lot from the discussions and practicums. “ AG
"It's amazing how the energies work with all of us in their own special ways … thank you for giving me the space … it feels a safe space to put out our difficulties and stuckness …" DM
"I felt inspired and energised at the end of yesterday and have already used tapping along with sound as opposed to words very effectively with a client this morning." DE
"I wanted to say how much I enjoyed today. Thank you Viv and everyone - I feel encouraged to use EFT more in my work and am already looking forward to the next meeting!" AR